Tangy Clams


  • Ability to hold items in the bank
  • (High level) Time and patience to farm
  • (Lower level) Make sure to sell this item in the AH, NOT a vendor.

What is it about Tangy Clam Meat? It sells on the Auction House for between 1 and 3 gold apiece! The reason is that this clam meat is used in a critical recipe while leveling Cooking, if you’re farming to level cooking, and not fishing to level cooking.

If you are still leveling your character, you should try to hit these farming spots while leveling. And then remember to put the tangy clam meat on the AH instead of ‘giving it away’ to a vendor. If your already level 85, then you should be able to create several stacks of this shellfish in an hour. My estimate for a lvl 85 toon for this strategy is 100 gold per hour. For a leveling toon, it will give you gold for the next few levels once the meats are sold. And they do sell fairly quickly on the AH if you don’t overprice. Choose a price in the middle of the range. Say the low price is 1 gold apiece. And the top price is 3 gold apiece. Sell yours around 2 gold apiece.

One of the best places to get tangy clam meat is the Black Fathom Deeps instance on the Strand in Ashenvale. A level 60 can blast thru here and get 3 or 4 stacks in an hour. Kill everything, open all the giant clams underwater, and you won’t have to go much further than the Murloc Shrine.

In 1/2 hour, I got 30 tangy clam meat, 3 pearls (1 iridescent – 4g), 4 greens, and 2 blues from bosses. Also several stacks of vendor trash like seaweed, and 8 crawler meat, which also sells for 1g apiece!

You can also farm outside the BFD instance on the strand in Ashenvale and get plenty of clams to open. And northwest Westfall, on the coast, is another great place, along with crabclaws, which also sells well on the AH.

Crabbing for 120 gold per hour

Other places to farm this sweet meat is on the coastal areas of the Wetlands, Swamp of Sorrows and Dustwallow Marsh. The big-mouth clams are dropped by crabs, murlocs and nagas.

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