Darkmoon Faire

During the first week of each month, the Darkmoon Faire arrives. It rotates around 3 locations. Elwynn Forest, Mulgore and Shattrath City. As a profit pipeline, only the first two will help unless a member of your network is level 58 or higher in order to get to Shattrath.

There is a vendor named Lhara (Darkmoon Faire Exotic Goods) at the Darkmoon Fair who sells some pretty nice limited supply items. And they respawn very fast.

4 groups of items spawn on different timers. The first is motes. She will offer 1 fire mote, 1 mana mote and 1 water mote, or some other combination of motes. Then a few minutes later, she will offer herbs. And she will have some nice ones! Like Dreamfoil. Then on the third timer she will offer leathers. Then the fourth timer is gems. So about every 10 minutes, she’ll spawn something.

So during that week, you want one of your alts to camp her tent. And spend some time each day buying these items from her, and then selling them on the Auction House. See a picture below when the Faire is in Shattrath. Get a load of how nice her herbs are. For a few silver each, if you can get all these items, you’ll turn about 2 gold buck into around 20! And you can do this twice an hour, 24/7 for the whole week.

So if you’re building your network and your in phase 2 or 3, this is a most EXCELLENT pipeline.

There WILL be competition! But if you camp it, you’ll get all kinds of goodies.


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I'm Jeff Travers. I've been playing WoW since 2005. I started on Dragonmaw when Azeroth was the only world to explore and level 60 was the goal. Blackrock was the instance. We've come a long way since those days. So many continents and dungeons to explore. And a level cap of 85 with Cataclysm. Have fun in WoW. After 5 years, I still enjoy it!